About Me
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Who am I?

Michela Morellato was born in the beautiful Palladian city of Vicenza, Italy, where she was raised by her family of entrepreneurs.Her teenage years and studies were marked by a struggle to adapt to an unfortunate change in domestic prosperity, a refusal to conform to hypocritical traditions and a fierce desire to gain independence and control over her own destiny.With a relentless, single-minded curiosity, Michela explored various career paths in the world of glamour and show business, more notably as a media commentator; turning in many appearances on national television in her native Italy.Her arresting looks, sharp wit and provocative ‘giving it to you straight’ opinions, made her as many enemies amongst the audience, as it did fans and admirers.It was in this carnival society, where she mixed with the beautiful and the grotesque, the famous and the dangerous, the delicious and the disgusting; that she personally encountered and eventually exposed the not uncommon practices of sexual harassment.Indeed Michela, revealed this unpleasant convention to an indifferent Italian media, years before the fashionable #metoo and #timesup movements; long before the Weinstein allegations snaked over and through the Hollywood hills.While ‘Michela Morellato’ may be synonymous in Italy with ‘scandal’, she has always sought to raise awareness about female empowerment, and call it out when she sees it; even in the most unlikely of places.Her recent proposal to ‘Save Juliet’ invited the public and politicians to reflect on the hidden meanings of the tourists’ ‘traditional’ interaction with the Juliet statue in Verona.Michela Morellato remains a controversial but stimulating figure within the Italian media and society. Too many more, she is an enigmatic paradox.She currently lives in Colorado with her husband, Adam, and her children Sveva and Ethan.

My Book

A talent for Trouble is an energetic novel that sparkles with inspiration, irony and, above all, a fierce passion split in 158 pages.


Italian, English

Translated into two different languages, just like I am

“I began to view the world, not as a safe space that liberated imagination and contentment, but as a hazardous, toxic, risky, no-go area, where every act and decision came with hidden dangers. To protect myself from a dangerous world, I had to become more dangerous.”— Michela Morellato, A Talent for Trouble.